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“To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong.”
― Joseph Chilton Pearce



“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
― Milton Berle

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The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

Software engineers are often put in a bizarrely challenging situation. Essentially, they’re sometimes forced to collaborate with business and sales executives who don’t understand the first thing about how programming works. So what happens when your co-workers or clients don’t have a clue about what your job entails? You end up getting assigned ridiculous tasks […]

Facebook Advertising: A How to Guide for Small Businesses

Facebook Advertising: A How to Guide for Small Businesses. Facebook Advertising: A How to Guide for Small Businesses By David Waring On July 9, 2013 · 6 Comments · In Facebook Marketing, How To, Online Marketing  6  31  2 Share this post In our last articles we talked about how to setup a Facebook page […]


There are basic features that make up the skeleton of every self-respecting e-commerce website out there: product sorting, add to cart, guest checkout and order tracking. Then there are those features that are more recent developments used only by the e-commerce elite—sites that are pushing the boundaries of the online shopping experience. Here are five […]

GoDaddy Users who use PDG Software

I have ran across had a handful of our clients hosted with godaddy to have their username and password files magically disappear from the server. The best I could track down is that those files are named as hidden files, so maybe the server deactivates them and/or removes them. Anyway this causes a problem for […]

Bad Characters in HTML

I recently had an issue with these block ( � ) characters appearing in the text for a website I recently completed. I ran into this issue before, but couldn’t remeber the fix. Therefore I decided to create this post, so I won’t forget again, and hopefully someone else will find use of this as […]

How can I reset my PDG admin account information?

You can have the password reset by clicking the “forgot password?” link on the login page. OR If you do not have both the username and password, do you remember the passphrase? If so, you should connect to the web site via FTP, browse to the PDG_Commerce folder, and delete the .ustats and .ustats-shadow files. […]

Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts and Tools

Pinterest paved the way for greater business participation on Tuesday with the launch of a new set of resources designed just for them. Companies will now be able to create business accounts, which allows them to enter just a business name — rather than a first and last — and verify their websites using a […]

Dropbox Hits 100 Million Users

Dropbox now has 100 million users. Drew Houston, the company’s founder and CEO, took to the Dropbox blog to announce the milestone, touting how far the cloud storage company has come in the five years since he came up with the idea for the company because “I forgot my USB stick at home.” Since then, […]

How to plan better content

Building stuff for the web is fun. Want to know what isn’t? Waiting on a client to give you content so that you can launch their bloody website. Before I founded my startup, I worked as a freelancer and built websites for all kinds of clients. I often found that my entire process would fall […]

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